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GBS Offshores’s virtual-office packages enable you to easily and quickly lease an office in any of our locations throughout the world, and support your business to expand into other markets, thus increasing your market share.

At GBS Offshores, we are committed to being the world’s best provider of executive suites and virtual offices. Our business is founded on the principle of minimising costs and sharing overheads to optimise your business efficiency and effectiveness.

We not only provide affordable access to the best locations in the best cities around the world, but also the best facilities, the best technology and the best people crucial to making your business successful.

Our team is proactive, effective and willing to provide support whenever needed. We aim to take a genuine interest in the growth and success of your business.

Let GBS Offshores help you to join online and instantly set up a virtual address and a local representative. With virtual offices in premier locations throughout the world, you can have the freedom to lease a workspace and work in the city of your choice – anywhere in the world.

In just a few minutes you can sign up for a virtual office in one of our global locations throughout the world, and truly take your business to the next level.

These services include

  • Use of a prestige city business address
  • You have a local telephone number answered by our customer service centres
  • Call transfers to wherever you are worldwide
  • Voicemail
  • Mail acceptance from any source including government, your client or partner, and then forwarding to any countries according to your instructions to us!
  • Touchdown office and meeting-room facilities
  • A wide range of business-support services
  • IT management and assistance
  • Online office manager

Why use a virtual office?

  • This service enhances the reputation and credibility of your company by providing an address and telephone number in an offshore location. This, therefore, lends substance and creates confidence in companies which only appear to be based in an offshore location.
  • Our virtual-office service is comprehensive and includes all the administrative and secretarial assistance you require. You will be assigned a telephone number and our secretary will answer all your calls promptly. A missed call can mean lost business; that’s what inspired GBS Offshores to set up a suitable structure and staff so as to be fully effective.

The main advantages of the virtual office

  • Receipt and forwarding of your mail from one of our offices in Hong Kong or the United States.
  • Your phone calls will be answered promptly and dealt with according to your wishes (forwarded to another phone number or a message taken).
  • We act as your secretary and this lends substance to and creates confidence in your company.
  • Your phone calls are answered from 8:30 in the morning until 18:00 local time. Outside these hours our answering machine will take your messages.
  • You will be informed immediately of any new messages for your attention.
  • Receipt of your faxes 24/7 and forwarding of the faxes to your email by scanned pdf.


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1. Virtual Office

Service Retainer: 2* Unit price

Virtual Office Services fee
Contract period: 3 months 159 USD/month
Contract period: 6 months 149 USD/month
Contract period: 12 months 136 USD/month

2. Dedicated Office Plan

Service Retainer: 2* Unit price

Dedicated Office Plan Services fee
Contract period: 3 months 399 USD/month/seat
Contract period: 6 months 369 USD/month/seat
Contract period: 12 months 329 USD/month/seat


Service Retainer: 2* Unit price (If you make full payment for contract period, you do not need to pay Service retainer. If you pay monthly, you have to pay Service retainer and Service retainer fee will be refunded to clients after contract terminated within 5 working days.)

3. Co – Working Plan

Co – Working Plan Services fee
Day – pass 29 USD/pax/day **
Visitor 135 USD/pax/ 5 days
Common 499 USD/pax/month

4. Meeting Room Service**

  • Boardroom: 8 seats capacity.
  • Size: 129 square foot
Dedicated Office Services fee
1 Hour 79 USD
Half day 159 USD
Full day 299 USD


** Subjected additional Services

We supplies Subjected additional Services in the following:

Administration Support: 5 USD/10 minutes.

  • Use of centre team for your personal administration, photocopying services, document services, order placement, reservations, orders or travel arrangements. You pay for the time taken and materials are charged at cost.

Copying / Printing

  • Black & White: 0.1 USD/page.
  • Color: 0.5 USD/page.

Document Scanning

  • 0.5 USD/page.

Document Binding

  • 5 USD per document.
  • Up to 25mm in thickness/thick, including stationery.

Translation Services

  • Price on request.


Updated time: Jul 31, 2018 , 15:42 (UTC+08:00)

Let’s do business together!

GBS Offshores opens its workspace in Hong Kong to global business enthusiasts and visionary minds.

  • Prestigious central location
  • High speed WiFi
  • Flexible plans, and competitive rates
  • Unlimited free coffee and tea
  • Dedicated and supportive peer-2-peer network

Ready to start with us?

Start smart, grow your business on the go.

Flexible plans are available, even by the hour for cost-efficiency. Scale up as your business grows.

Go straight to business.

Everything is set up – utilities and equipment, including your own desk and personal phone, are provided. Just show up and get it done.

Work from the heart of the system.

Prestigious business address at the centre of every business hub we present.

Efficient commuting to the surrounding business-facilities network.

Let’s get started!

Focus on your business – let us take care of the rest.

Plans and pricings

  Virtual Office Co-working Space Dedicated Office Meeting Room
Prestigious local address Yes      
Mail management Yes      
Local phone number Yes      
Dedicated receptionist Yes      
Secretarial and IT support Yes      
Secure high-speed WiFi   Yes Yes Yes
Book all facilities     Yes Yes
Hot-desk with common phone   Yes    
Dedicated space with private phone     Yes Yes
Meeting room       Yes
Flexible plan (unreserved)   Yes    
Fixed plan (reserved) Yes   Yes Yes
Cleaning and maintenance   Yes Yes Yes
Coffee and Tea   Yes Yes Yes
Guest Reception     Yes Yes
Short-term personal storage   Yes Yes Yes
Long-term personal storage     Yes Yes
Kitchen/ Pantry Area     Yes Yes
Administration Support     Yes  


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